Dubbel Dutch
Self Help Riddims EP


Dubbel Dutch’s latest offering explores therapeutic instrumentals and self help riddims. Newly relocated to Brooklyn, Dubbel Dutch’s recent project grows from a deep love affair with dancehall instrumentals a.k.a. riddims. Unmoved by the impersonal, drop-oriented focus of contemporary dance music, he challenges the listener to consider the sensual and the uplifting in an apocalypse obsessed era.

This new body of work draws inspiration from dub and dancehall reggae, ethereal grime, and pop music of the African diaspora. In a climate dominated by sparse, dystopian tracks, Self Help Riddims represents a yearning for a warmer, more spiritual side of music.

The title track, “Self Help Riddim” seeks the healing potential of music and aims to uplift, inspire, and motivate the listener. “Rare Earth” initially reveals itself as a raw yet catchy dancehall beat, but magnetically builds towards a dramatic crescendo. “Ice Bath” drops both temperature and tempo down to feature lover’s zouk rhythms, biting plucked steel, and sleeting synths. “Mirror Test” maintains the landscape as frosty breathed tones playfully glide along a hall of glassy mirrors with little resistance. Finally, “Look Back”, sounding almost like a long lost grime instrumental, inspires a self-reflective, meditative, and retrospective look to the past.

Artist Kari Altmann provides cover artwork and video support.