Austin, TX, selector Dubbel Dutch is impervious to the crutches of genres, though a student of many of them. An accomplished producer of cosmic tone poems and club anthems from the abyss, many claim his now-classic Throwback 12” on Palms Out Sounds saved their lives–or at least taught them a lesson in modern retrofitting. A chemistry of pre-hispanic shaman cries, YouTube videos of American microcosms, and 90s UK rave flyers make up his aesthetic, one which is not often associated with the Lone Star State. On Hymn, his debut EP for Mixpak, his methods havenʼt changed, but rather have become more refined.

The appropriately titled intro, “Open Up,” exposes a world of chaos where feral Midi demon dogs are unavoidable and an eerie timbale melody hums in the distance. Then comes “Darq”: a sonic no-manʼs land where only the echoing shrieks of those foolish enough to enter can escape its sub-bass, sounding as if, heaven forbid, Goth Kids fell head over heels in love with Miami Bass. The next obstacle on the gauntlet, “Heartbruk,” is a riddim so infested with duppies that any sane Dancehall artist would leave it the fuck alone, yet it would make the perfect soundtrack for a movie based on an Anthony Winkler novel. The journey ends, luckily, with the title track, maybe the most uplifting moment in this producerʼs career, which gives hope of survival by means of triumphant brass and Coupe Decale snares.

Hymn is a look into the darker side of Dubbel Dutch, which fully takes advantage of his love for sounds of the club music occult. The EP has received early support from Ramadanman, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Mosca, and Samo Sound Boy to name a few.