Dubbel Dutch
Cloud Club EP


Fresh off producing the hit Popcaan single “Everything Nice,” Dubbel Dutch unleashes his new EP, “Cloud Club,” out now on Mixpak. This new collection of ‘cosmic tone poems’ showcases both Dubbel Dutch’s stylistic breadth and command of the dancefloor.
The first Dubbel Dutch EP since his move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, “Cloud Club” was created while simultaneously working on upcoming productions for dancehall star Popcaan. This body of work marks Dubbel Dutch’s continued efforts to create music inspired by both jubilant daytime pop sounds and the vibrant underground club culture of his new home.

Straddling the extremes of desperation and ecstasy, “Cloud Club” is both celebratory and emotionally raw. “Deepa,” a bridge connecting club past to present, combines pitched up ragga vocals and uplifting rave synths to anthemic effect. “Left Behind,” an ode to overcoming the past, pairs wispy grime tones with triumphant brass to tug at the heartstrings. Finally, “Inevitable” is a radiant club cover inspired by Skatta Burell’s “Inevitable Riddim,” a 2007 production still years ahead of it’s time.

Dubbel Dutch himself shares:

Life is dynamic and the club experience should reflect that. If things start to get too dark, stripped back, or monotonous it becomes easy to disconnect. It’s great that contemporary music identifies and channels pain, but there’s also nothing wrong with celebrating, striving, and being hopeful. Why not invoke a wider spectrum of musical colors and emotions? “Cloud Club” embodies this philosophy and further unveils Dubbel Dutch’s musical mind. Mixpak is proud to share this singular vision with the world.