We’re proud to present fresh club music styles in the form of Jubilee’s “Pull Ova”, the new EP from Mixpak’s Miami-to-Brooklyn transplant. “Pull Ova” connects the dots between cultures and genres in a way that is intuitive to Jubilee’s history as a producer and DJ.

The A side “I-95” slams Jubilee’s Miami Bass roots into a new dimension, cutting up iconic vocal signifiers and injecting them with a heavy dose of Brooklyn bass. The end result is a track that’s both timeless and right on time for the contemporary dancefloor.
On the flipside, “Pull Ova” feels like a lost 90’s Armand Van Helden remix of a Miami Bass track, twisting snatches of diva vocals around a rugged bassline and freakout party sirens.

This is party music for a new generation; jam it in your jeep on the way to the club.
Meanwhile, Salva gives “I-95” the dusted hard house treatment, banging the box in a way that recalls classic 90’s labels like Dance Mania and Underground Construction but flipped with the modern DJ in mind. All three tracks on “Pull Ova” push the game forward without forgetting where it started. Only on Mixpak.