Brooklyn’s “bass sweetheart” Jubilee is as shape-shifting as her X-Men namesake, releasing records as half of Bassanovva, collaborating with Udachi and Star Eyes, remixing for Canblaster and Cubic Zirconia, as well as running the Nightshifters label and the infamous Flashing Lights party. One thing remains constant – her commitment to all things bass. She now joins the Mixpak ranks with her Pop It! EP, complete with 2 remixes from up-and-coming US producers Rizzla and 5kinAndbone5.

A South Florida native, Jubilee’s roots run deep through out the EP, housing influences from Ghetto Breaks, Miami Bass, Electro and Freestyle. The title track, “Pop It!,” is an understated party track, building slowly to a mass of 808, cowbells, vocal samples and classic synths that would make DJ Laz proud.

Alongside the title track sits “Overtown,” fittingly named after the Miami area that inspired the bass scene, a manicure anthem with drum patterns that stride through tinges of UK Funky and Dubstep before flying back to Miami on its synths.

As if the bass didn’t already run deep enough in “Overtown,” Massachusetts producer Rizzla intensifies the low end in a remix that swings from hyperactivity to near standstill, spinning round the vocal snippet. Rounding off the EP, LA/SF duo 5kinAndbone5 twist the tune upside down, introducing a futuristic koto riff before building into a Bubblin’ synth breakdown.

As happy in an underground rave in Miami as they would be blasting from a car in London, Jubilee offers a record true to Mixpak – genre-busting, forward-thinking and party-moving. Pop it!