Famous Eno
Gypsy Riddim


Mixpak Records is proud to present “Gypsy Riddim,” the new release from London’s Famous Eno. Featuring original voicings from talented British and Jamaican artists, our latest release is a dramatic slice of forward thinking dancehall.

A haunting melodic violin run weaves in and out of a hard gunshot-laden riddim, creating a bewitching sense of tension and release sure to mesmerize the dance. Elements of Eno’s more Grime-leaning productions peek through the surface, creating a riddim untethered to geography and rugged enough to cross over between the islands.

While Rubi Dan goes in for an impressive range on the menacing “Terminator”, Trigganom hits hard with the catchy chorus on “Murda”. Jamaican artist Vyral lands us a high grade anthem with “Get Frass”, and Serocee lays down some lyrical tricks on Eno’s voicemail for “Topatop”.

As the ever-threatening siren sample sound suggest, the “Gypsy Riddim” is a collection of soundboy killers.