UK-Colombian artist Florentino makes his Mixpak debut with Fragmentos, a bold and emotional EP that solidifies his position as one of the most unique and exciting producers working today. Building on the strength of two acclaimed releases for Swing Ting, Fragmentos finds Florentino broadening his sound to explore more introspective themes of heartbreak and melancholy, while maintaining the propulsive energy and colorful sonic landscape of his previous releases. It’s a side of Florentino that has been hinted at in previous releases, but never fully explored until now.

Setting the stage with the lush “Nadie Se Muere De Amor”, Florentino takes the listener through the titular “fragments” of relationships past, present, and future. Lead single “Por Ti” is a heart-on-sleeve collaboration with Catalan MC Bad Gyal, a tale of desire set to a driving dembow and anthemic bassline. “Fantasia” twists mutated vocals, synths, and handclaps into a warped, psychedelic lovescape, while “2 Late (Don’t Call)” marries hyphy bounce to snatches of forlorn conversation, before Florentino brings us back to the club with the emotionally charged “Mentirosa” and fiery “Seductora”.

Fragmentos covers a diverse range of sounds and moods, yet each track is unmistakably a Florentino production, blending UK bass pressure and Latin American rhythms with a trademark set of samples and motifs to create music that could be made by no one but “DJ Florentino -el mas romantico de los romanticos”.