March 25th, 2016

Mixpak FM: DJ NJ Drone

Mixpak FM 094 comes from NY based producer and DJ, DJ NJ Drone. Working on the outer edges of club music and experimental electronic music, his productions are often impressively furious and frenzied, playing with the unexpected and the mechanical, much like his name would suggest.

After releases on Bootleg Tapes and Track Meet, his latest record, Syn Stair is a full length LP for Purple Tape Pedigree. A tense and dark record, his sputtering rhythms roam genre-free but often invoke the ghosts of juke and hardcore.

In his words, his Mixpak FM “is a stream through the wild MIND CLUB river with a lot of unreleased hits and some familiar appearances!”

Download – Mixpak FM 094: DJ NJ Drone

Mixpak FM 094: DJ NJ Drone

1. Katie – Numbers
2. djnjd – Blays Island (Da Bed Mix) Part I
3. djnjd -Killer
4. ec+djnjd – HydroTest
5. djnjd -Crack 2
6. P – Wet Wet (204 Murdok edit)
7. YT – Back in the Day (204 Murdok edit)
8. chaiT X Foreign Kakao
9. djnjd – Corn Sound
10. djnjd – Syn555 Zone (upcoming P.T.P.)
11. RLX Assasyn – Drone Fluid
12. djnjd – Blays Island (Da Bed Mix) Part II