December 9th, 2014

Mixpak FM: Prettybwoy


Mixpak FM 077 comes from Japanese producer and DJ, Prettybwoy. Since the inception of Mixpak, we’ve always had some connection with the Japanese scene (our whole blog was translated into Japanese at one point) and have covered some points in Japanese grime, and of course not forgetting our release with Hard Nips.

While the sound of grime has notoriously not been particularly well exported or translatable, Japan looks to be the biggest (but still very small) scene outside of the UK, with a number of MCs and DJs inspired by the genre. Having followed UK club music for a long time, Prettybwoy has been steady representing the sound of UKG, 2-step, bassline and grime in Tokyo for the last 10 years, running the nights ‘Golly Gosh’ and 444-1 Tokyo. Things have come full circle for Prettybwoy lately, with his productions being featured on EZ’s Kiss FM show and on the Big Dada “Grime 2.0” compilation.

His Mixpak FM runs through sounds from like-minded Japanese artists – DoubleClapperz, Carpainter, Duff, 1Ta, Ena, 100Mado – as well as tracks from UK contemporaries.

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Download – Mixpak FM 077: Prettybwoy

Mixpak FM 077: Prettybwoy

Don’t wanna be alone (DC Edit) – Shai [Dub]
Sentimentals – DoubleClapperz [Dub]
Time Offender – Carpainter [Dub]
Uh Huh – Finn [Dub]
Party Style – Duff ft.Catrrh Nisin & Beyond (Prod.Negatin) [Dub]
Ghetto Message (Murlo & Famous Eno Remix) – Akito [Dub]
Horsepower Fever – Krizzli [Clubwerks]
Bamboo Holography – A Taut Line [Diskotopia]
Ordinary People (2Step Remix) – DJ Q [Q Recordings]
Terminator (1Ta Remix) – Rubi Dan [Dub]
Drop – Ena [Back To Chill]
Humid – Prettybwoy [Dub]
Heavy Weight Steppers – 100Mado [Back To Chill]
Scope(Special) – Rabit [Dub]
Grade – Loom [Gob Stopper]
Burnerz – Rabit [Dub]
Sample06 – Prettybwoy [Dub]
Ballet – Prettybwoy [Dub]
Untitled611 – Prettybwoy [Dub]