Mixpak FM 054 comes from ballroom legend, Vjuan Allure (pronounced like Vaughn). Vjuan has as much energy for production as his dancers do on the runway, having created an alarming 350+ Ha’s since he first remixed ‘The Ha Dance’ for the ballroom scene. No stone is left unturned – his remixes reach for chart-topping RnB artists, to cartoon characters and even YouTube memes.

With his name firmly at the helm of the new ballroom phenomenon (with the likes of Mike Q, Divoli S’vere, Kevin JZ Prodigy and more), he now upkeeps eight club residencies and as ballroom spreads from its NY origins across the world, his releases have made it onto labels like Night Slugs, Jeffree’s and Ultra Nate’s 410 Paradox. He’s still keeping it real though – check out his website to buy an original production for just 45$ or buy a CD.

His Mixpak FM features exclusively his own material and, though it only clocks in at 12 tracks long, is packed full of energy and crazy samples. Storm the runway.

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[audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mixpak/Mixpak_FM_-_Vjuan_Allure.mp3]
Mixpak FM 054: Vjuan Allure

Mixpak FM 054: Vjuan Allure Tracklist

1. Natives R Restless – Vjuan Allure
2. Popped A Molly feat. Trinidad James – Vjuan Allure
3. Melba – Bok Bok & Vjuan Allure
4. Wild 4 Da Night – Vjuan Allure
5. The Ripper – Vjuan Allure
6. Plastik Krash – Vjuan Allure
7. Beam Betta Pump – Vjuan Allure
8. Engine Engine Numba 9 – Vjuan Allure
9. When I’m Drunk feat. Invisible Ink – Vjuan Allure
10. Morphed – Vjuan Allure
11. That Beat – Vjuan Allure
12. Lick Da Lights feat. Missy Elliott – Vjuan Allure