SPIN have just published this interview with Dre Skull, where he talks about life before Vybz, life with Snoop and a bunch more:

“For whatever reason, I’m most fascinated with pop music,” says Hershey, listing Miguel and 2 Chainz as artists who have inspired him. The Brooklynite’s fixation is present in the unity between his work’s supple structures and expectant melodies. And the subtle influence of hero Lee “Scratch” Perry, in particular, can be felt in the way his hits echo and resonate in their afterglow (Kartel’s “Half on a Baby,” for example). “In Kingston,” Hershey says, “dancehall DJs on the radio have a wide format and freedom in the music they play. On Zip FM, every genre is heard — disco mixed into house mixed into country mixed into dancehall.” His label’s releases mirror that philosophy: recent records traverse the deep waters of southern rap, underground club, house, and soca.

Read the full interview here.