Blowin’ My Mind


“Blowin’ My Mind” is the second installment in French producer Koyote’s trilogy of EPs for Mixpak. Building on the work of his first release for the label, the EP sees dance music experimentation not rooted in any one tradition but rather an amalgam of styles, all filtered through the lens of true analog weirdness.

Created with 100 percent hardware, this EP both subverts and flatters pre-existing electronica paradigms. The titular cut is the most upfront of the bunch and brings to mind the moment in time when rave music was truly alien and bleep n’ bass ruled the dance floor. “Peanut Butter Complex” uses a squirrel-y bit of jacking house as the anchor for a journey thru moods and tones, all building up to a very well placed and surprising “Po Pimpin'” sample.

Composed after a move from France to Brazil, “Blowin’ My Mind” makes sense in many different situations and contexts. Truly original analog dance music that cannot be tied down to one style, it finds the perfect home in Mixpak Records.

Mixpak has always been a label known for its surprising eclecticism which sees Jamaican artists rubbing elbows with Southern rappers, forward thinking electronic producers and beyond. Where is your mind?