I Stand Accused


“I Stand Accused” is the third and final installment in the trilogy of Mixpak EPs from French producer Koyote, and is perhaps his deepest, most thought (and body) provoking work yet. One hundred percent created with hardware, the “I Stand Accused” EP is an idiosyncratic trip through the annals of dance music, lost in space and ready for the dancefloor.

“Earth Symphony” sounds like Omar S doing Coupé Décalé in an analogue house context and the result is at once banging and jazzy. The titular track travels further into the cosmos, a six and a half minute journey that explores the potential of the hardware Koyote is so masterfully manipulating. Elsewhere, “Living For My Life” will make you jack your body in new (and almost mysterious) ways. Baroque melodies unfold over fragmented diva vocals in a style that is wistfully familiar but also totally alien.

“I Stand Accused” feels just as at home in the bedroom as it does pumping out of a late night Funktion-One, while standout track “Soul Train” is as fitting a soundtrack for a late night drive on a futuristic highway as it is for dancing in a field somewhere, out of your mind. “Lose Your Mind” is an inspired piece of mysterious lo-fi house that morphs between pounding drums and pure chaos. This is dance music for your whole life. This is Koyote. Only on Mixpak.