February 18th, 2016

Mixpak FM: Riobamba

Mixpak FM 093 is brought to you by Brooklyn-based DJ & producer, Riobamba. Inspired by her Ecuadorian-Lithuanian heritage, her sets and productions draw from a hybridized global sound, with a strong Latin leaning. As promoter of one of Boston’s leading underground parties, Pico Picante, resident at Remezcla’s NY party Perreo, and an affiliate of Dutty Artz, she is a strong representative for transnational bass on the East Coast.

Her Mixpak FM is a showcase of the global underground, featuring many kindred club spirits operating in the same zone: False Witness, Santa Muerte and Kala as well as offerings from NON, Baltimore artist Abdu Ali, and Chile’s Tomas Urquieta.

Download – Mixpak FM 093: Riobamba

Mixpak FM 093: Riobamba

Chino Amobi – WHITE MÆTAL (plus_c signal drop)
1127 – It Never Drops
Marginal Men – Wen x Mano DJ
Abdu Ali – Motivation
False Witness – Tokyo Pikante
Kala – Waronus
Tomás Urquieta – Neglect (She’s Drunk Remix)
Ase Manual + KU$HCANNXN – Coincidence Part 1 (Remix)
Santa Muerte & Kala – TAK
Kala – Weh
A.MA.SSA – S∑GU®∆ ø S∆Cø∂∑
Fonobisa – 10:07 (ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS’ c̬᷂̔o̬̫᷆r̬͐ͅr̫̬̞ù̬̘p̬̫̚t̜̬̤o͚̬̯ Remix) x Riobamba Respira Intro
Marginal Men – Footworkzzzz ft. Omulu
¥€$Ø – No Me La Flipo
DJ NJ DRONE – Beat Da Hurt
HAITI GROUND ZERO – Let There Be Light (Electrovaudou Traxman Remix)