Merseyside’s Melé has been making waves since high school with his unique brand of future club music. Named a producer to watch by FACT and a veteran of Sinden’s Grizzly label, Melé is accomplished beyond his years and ready to take things to the next level. Starlight, the follow up to his first Mixpak EP, Bombay, takes Melé back to his original influences: four tracks exploring techno, hip hop, early house and the meeting points in-between.

Starlight is at once playful yet sophisticated, weaving delightfully frustrating builds, heavy syncopation and dark overtones. Melé’s music lives in a world where Southern rap snare rolls and Detroit Techno synth leads are invited to a party in East London and everybody dances.

The first track, “Starlight Express,” takes a page out of the bangin’ Jeff Mills playbook while “What’s The 411″ flips Dance Mania drums on their face. The other two cuts, “Lego” and “Raider”, manage to merge contemporary rap production signifiers with otherworldly electro, creating the perfect soundtrack to the next Sci-Fi blockbuster starring Waka Flocka Flame.

With the EP already garnering support from Annie Mac, Sinden, Brenmar and Toddla T, Melé’s movement is gaining steam and shows no sign of slowing down.