SECURITY is the ambitious new mixtape from London-based artist GAIKA. Born out of his travels through the many global currents of contemporary London, his music is dark yet melodic, experimental yet catchy. While drawing strongly from his Brixton upbringing and his Jamaican and Grenadian heritage, GAIKA’s sound is ultimately expansive, seamlessly weaving musical motifs, vocal flows and slangs of UK, US and Caribbean music.

As a lyricist, GAIKA shares stories encompassing criminal braggadocio and inflated self-worth, desire, and heartfelt tales of grief and lost love, all re-imagined through a sonic minimalism that dissolves into abstract and dreamlike proportions. At the heart of SECURITY is GAIKA’s exploration of our pervasive fear of death. He believes it is this fear which ultimately provokes insecurity, driving our desire for romantic love and material goods.

As both a vocalist and producer, GAIKA is as uncompromising in his politics as his sonics, intent on expanding and exploding the ideas of what contemporary black british music is. Channeling the unique synthesis of London’s musical make-up, and featuring a number of exciting guest vocalists with a sympathetic ethos, GAIKA’s mixtape places him firmly at the forefront of a new London.