We’re excited to announce a series of parties & surprises for our 10 year anniversary, starting with New York on December 6th 2019.

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Jubilee’s new album Call For Location is out now. LISTEN HERE.

Jubilee has been staying up all night since as long as anyone can remember. She grew up in South Florida on the sounds of Miami bass, freestyle and Dirty South rap blasting from local radio stations like Power 96 and 99 Jamz. Her debut record “After Hours” was a love letter to the music and culture of her native Florida.

Her sophomore LP “Call for Location” builds on this collection of late-night anthems and drum machine workouts. An homage to the rave hotlines of yesteryear, and also her insane travel schedule, her newest album is the result of three years of touring and producing; one foot in the studio one in the club. Much like her thrilling pan-genre DJ sets, “Call for Location” shows Jubilee off as a singular artist, connecting the dots between her own idiosyncratic musical narrative, playing with genre convention, geography and expertly navigating cutting-edge dance music in its many forms. Grime weight smashes into headbanging techno, bubbly Caribbean-informed rhythms share space with driving electro.

The record’s leadoff single, the powerful Macula-collaboration “Mami,” is a peak time club burner, both tough and sultry, and a perfect micro-encapsulation of Jubilee’s transcendent DJ style. “Fulla Curve”, a collaboration with the the young dancehall vocalist IQ, delivers an earworm worthy of the radio shows Jubilee grew up listening to. The feedback loop continues. “Call For Location” is the record of a dance music lifer, born of late nights and early mornings.

Today we’re releasing “Shots”, the new single from Jubilee and UK grime mainstay P Money.

Brooklyn and NYC residents can catch her playing at Elsewhere w/ Nightmares on Wax tonight.

Listen to “Shots” here.

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“Fulla Curve” is the second single from Jubilee’s forthcoming sophomore album, the follow up to the critically-acclaimed “After Hours” LP. Each single from her new LP sees her uniting with a young vocalist from a different edge of club culture, coming together to cement her as a unique force in underground music.

“Fulla Curve” features rising UK dancehall artist IQ over a bright raved-up riddim, reminding us what Jubilee does best: expertly weaving together idiosyncratic threads of music and culture into something uniquely her own.

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Tonight we’re releasing the first single from Jubilee’s forthcoming sophomore album on Mixpak.

Fresh off a 6-month BBC Radio 1 residency and a slew of tour dates around the world, Jubilee returns to Mixpak with “Mami”, featuring vocalist Maluca.
“Mami” is a dancefloor filler that takes its musical cues from Latin club music, with the strong attitude of two New Yorkers attached.
Jubilee is also playing tomorrow, July 26th, at the Sultan Room in Brooklyn, NY.