Mixpak Holiday Bundle


To say thank you to all our dedicated newsletter subscribers and supporters, we've put together a special holiday bundle! Inside are originals & remixes from upcoming producers & artists whose work we admire, from flex to baile funk inspired tracks.

1 Mixpak Sound System Dub
2 firaasbeats - RIPLR
3 Epic B - Whine
4 GIL - Take Sand
5 Orlando Volcano - We Come 1
6 Svani & Mina - Hexacorallia (Mina Remix)
7 Mr. Mitch - The Man Waits (Nahshi Edit)
8 GAIKA - PMVD feat. Mista Silva (5TARB01 Remix)
9 Hoodcelebrityy - The Takeover (Kelman Duran Remix)
10 Junior Makina vs Visionist - Dembow 2 Brexit
11 Maceo x King Doudou - Nextel Funk
12 C.Z. - Turn the Tide Remix
13 Kala - Keep On

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