A multi-channel sound and light installation
26 Fulton Street, Manhattan
Presented by @Wallplaynetwork
Open July 11-21

For the first in a series of collaborations at newly launched exhibition space Nitemind-Sync, Brooklyn-based artist collective Nitemind invite Swiss producer and sound artist WILDLIFE!.
For this show, the two collaborators translate WILDLIFE!’s newest record Ballads (Mixpak Records; July 12), into an immersive, multi-channel sound and light installation at an abandoned Financial District department store.
As with previous collaborations, Nitemind and WILDLIFE! borrow and deconstruct archetypical elements from traditional club settings and reassemble them in a multi-room gallery environment. By expanding the record’s original compositions both temporally and spatially, the artists add a physical dimension to the sonic building blocks, extending an invitation to experience the compositions as quasi-sculptural sound and light objects in a physical space.

Ballads out July 12:ffm.to/ballads