“Wine For Me” and “Firm and Strong” are the second releases from Popcaan’s upcoming sophomore album, Forever, following the exuberant “Body So Good”.

Popcaan is disarmingly effortless on “Wine For Me”, with an expert flow and expressive, catchy melodies. The airy and restrained production is anchored by a classic Jamaican drum pattern that has won over the world time again. He rides the riddim with flair & ease, and reminds us that his voice is unmatched.

Firm & Strong” is the most powerful & spiritual offering from Forever. On a stripped back beat, Popcaan is joined by a 20 person choir, who help him lift through the struggle he describes. It is a mantra for himself, and for the listener, a reminder to never give up and remain strong in hard times. As the song reaches its pinnacle, and Popcaan leaves us with the choir, you have the sense he has ascended into rapture and gifted you the power to overcome. Both moving and uplifting, “Firm & Strong” shows us Popcaan’s ever-evolving and impressive artistry.

Stream and download “Wine For Me” and “Firm and Strong” here.

Forever is out in July on Mixpak Records.