WILDLIFE!’s newest EP “Anima” is out now on Mixpak.

“Anima” broadens the emotional spectrum of his previous work. The machinic, dystopian themes present on “Patterns” still live on here, but “Anima” harbors a more wistful melancholy, exploring subtler gestures and scintillating textures. The darkness is shot through with flashes of radiance and the liminal glitter of a new emotionality. Mysterious human-like sounds land like the shrapnel of teenage goth nostalgia, detuned pianos provide delight and discomfort in their grandeur, and ominous sonic bombardments put the finishing touches on WILDLIFE!’s otherworldly soundscapes.

He presents the EP in a physical space this coming Saturday, July 15th, in Brooklyn, in collaboration with artist collective Nitemind. Find all info here.

Listen to the EP below, or head to Spotify, iTunes or Apple Music.