April 26th, 2016

Mixpak FM: DJ Haram

Mixpak FM 095 is brought to you by Philly-based producer & DJ, DJ Haram. Drawing the dots between her Middle Eastern heritage, her New Jersey upbringing and her current home in Philly – where she promotes the party ATM with NON’s E_SCRAAATCH, lawd knows & Marcelline – DJ Haram’s productions and mixes compound east coast club music with non-western global sounds. Alongside the self-released “Birds of Paradise” and two cuts on a Tobago tracks compilation, she has recently signed to the Discwoman roster.

Her Mixpak FM runs through tracks by kindred spirits from a younger East Coast club scene – Tygapaw, Stud1nt, Kala or DJ Juwan – to icons Rihanna and Cardi B, with plenty of Haram exclusives thrown in.

Download – Mixpak FM 095: DJ Haram

Mixpak FM 095: DJ Haram

soul glo – guilty of being… wait
lotic – banished
tygapaw & kala – werk
cardi b – I gotta hurt you
dj saan – who has da donk
mya gomez – cctv
marcelline – witch hour
imaabs – grum (dj haram bootleg)
holloway – throw dat
kingdom – shox
dj juwan – move it (out my way)
botaz – kantu
fatima al qadiri feat tt the artist – 1034 / she rockin (dj haram edit)
3lon – ronin
grrl – keep it going
dj haram – so fucking money
rihanna – needed me
nunu – alone
stud1nt – whip (dj haram bootleg)
dj haram – birds of paradise
gan gah – eywa
lawd knows – let all ur biometric phlegm out (blend)