December 16th, 2015

Mixpak FM – Color Plus

Mixpak FM 092 is brought to you by NY producer & DJ, Color Plus. His experimental club tracks have seen releases on his home label, Swim Team, as well as Plastician’s Terrorhythm label and a full length project on cassette via Bootleg Tapes.

His Mixpak FM is a heavily danceable journey through many exclusives from himself and his peers – at times dark, at times euphoric.

Download – Mixpak FM 092: Color Plus

Mixpak FM 092: Color Plus

J-Zbel – ZHF (Poppers Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Color Plus – Lalai [Bootleg Tapes]
Randomer – Brutus [L.I.E.S.]
Golden Teacher – On the Street [Golden Teacher]
Nicolette – Dove Song [Shut Up And Dance Records]
Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales [Pan]
Kieran Loftus – All Yaw Tracks Wack (DJ Leo Remix) [Unreleased]
Krueger – Damp [Self Released]
Color Plus – Kaana [Unreleased]
Sub One – Untitled 1 [Bunker Records]
Dean Blunt – Coco (Kanyon Girls Are Crazy Bootleg) [Unreleased]
Public Energy – Hemi-Sync (Part Two) [Probe Records]
DJ John Brooklyn – Over Los Angeles [Self Released]
Akito – Degrade Gracefully [Forthcoming Tight Knit Records]
Izy – Soakin (Prod. Juxman) [Forthcoming Bootleg Tapes]
A Made Up Sound – Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth [A Made Up Sound]
Luke West – Litework [Forthcoming Sans Absence]
C.Z. – Darkness Calling [Murky Rips]
Color Plus – Keygen [Unreleased]
NKC – QF [Self Released]
Bleaker – Poppin’ (Vocal Mix) [Unreleased]
Dukey Man & DJ Technics – Till Ya Get Tired [Baltimore Breakbeat Records]
DJ DeLish – 1/2 (Won Too) [Self Released]
Patrick Brian – I Could See [Terrorhythm]