September 14th, 2015

Mixpak FM: Lil Jabba


Mixpak FM 088 comes from NY-based producer, DJ and painter, Lil Jabba. Though known predominantly for his explorations in footwork, Jabba is a versatile producer with an impressive back catalogue, including a full length album on Local Action, and a second now in sight. His Mixpak FM brings forth the sounds and influences from his latest EP, Keep, that broadly takes its cues from rap, grime and jungle. A near cinematic experience – in places beatless, in places frenetic – it melds his own material with tarraxo, grime, Young Thug and Aphex Twin. You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Download – Mixpak FM 088: Lil Jabba

Mixpak FM 088: Lil Jabba

Fumes- LiL JaBBA
?- LiL JaBBA
Coisa Leve- DJ Liofox
Untitled 01- Oval
Leica Majorca- LiL JaBBA
?- LiL JaBBA
Can You Feel It- Mr. fingers
Laricheard- AFX
Cloud 9 – Young Thug
For Will Gerould -LiL JaBBA
?- LiL JaBBA
Tea- LiL JaBBA
Uprising- Szare
F Pimento Plant- LiL JaBBA
Bitch- Myth
? – LiL JaBBA
Backgammon- Strict Face
Bodies on the ground – chief keef
Step 2001- Wiley & Zomby
Seduction 2k15 – LiL JaBBA
CanE- ($$ii) – LiL JaBBA
WaiLa- LiL JaBBA
Lickin’ & Kickin’ – DJ Rashad