July 28th, 2015

Mixpak FM: Cuyo


Mixpak FM 086 is brought to you by New York based producer and DJ, Cuyo. Formerly known as Poolboy92, he has now reinvented as Cuyo, with forthcoming material on Jeffree’s and Track Meet this summer. His tracks and sets draw heavily from South American and rave influences, while his “bio ” hits straight from Buckminster Fuller’s manifesto:

“Cuyo” translates to “light” in Taíno – the enlightened, indigenous people of the Caribbean and also a very special part of my family lineage. Ultimately, I have fallen in love with my connection to the Unum (the multi-verse) through my human experience as light manifested on Spaceship Earth. I have fallen in love with the potential of humanity and a conscious, peaceful coexistence within the galactic civilization. Despite the artificial boundaries that separate us – race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc. – we are all light/energy embodied and destined to express our unity lovingly through individuality and all of the beautiful frequencies (and contortions of) that go along with all forms of outward, non-violent expression.

This mix for you is the absolute 1st publication as Cuyo and is meant to serve as a mind guide/love song through/about our transition into the New Earthian systems of energy, education and livingry. We live on an isolated island in the middle of space and we’ve finally figured out how to provide the basic necessities for everyone on the planet and beyond so BAILMOS A LUZ DE LA LUNA YA hehe

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Download – Mixpak FM 086: Cuyo

Mixpak FM 086: Cuyo

1. Cuyo – Serpiente SOLAR Intro Mezcla (feat. Jack Inslee, Basile, Nire, Likuid Khrome, Jacque Fresco, Yoko Shimomura, & Origa)
2. Cuyo – ???
3. DJ Kingfox – Parabens Para Min
4. Nindja – In the Air Tonight (Remix)
5. Cuyo – Auraton
6. DJ Anderson & DJ Wayne – Hoja Ela Dá
7. DJ Doraemon – Ninguem Aguenta
8. Basile – Moment With Jacque (Cuyo Pulse Edit)
9. Grupos Lo Kiero – La Cumbia Cholula
10. Los K-Pys – Caballero Sin Memoria
11. DJ Danger – Te Encanta
12. DJ Raulito – El Perdon
13. Bebo Yau Ft. DJ P!nky – Jamaican Night
14. DJ Daniito – Calor
15. Los Rem Stone – Fumar Marijuana
16. DJ Bando – Yo Fumo Marijuana
17. La Mafia Del Amor – La Disco Resplandece (Cuyo Fumó Lightning)
18. Garaslow Ft. Rey Danny – Romo & Popola (Prod. By DJ Jan-K & DJ Robagirlz)
19. Zeher – Agar Tum Mil Jao
20. Cuyo – El Palo Del Mago Blanco Outro Mix (feat. Lester Brown)