Mixpak FM 070 comes from Norwegian DJ and producer, Slick Shoota. A serious internet digger and lover of club music, he’s known for his dancefloor driven productions that often swing in at 160bpm and nod strongly to the Chicago underground. A resident DJ at Oslo’s ‘Ball Em Up’ night, Slick Shoota knows what works in the club regardless of genre, and his EPs, DJ tools and remixes always reflect that. His latest EP, Keep Bussin, is full of driving beats, heavy syncopation and remixes from Addison Groove & Om Unit.

His Mixpak FM is a super energetic rave ride through Juke, Kuduro, bits of Jungle, flecks of grime and even a track from fellow Scandinavian, Yung Lean.

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Download – Mixpak FM 070: Slick Shoota

Mixpak FM 070: Slick Shoota Tracklist

1. Thomas White – Ovation ft. Dear Lola (Helix remix)
2. Taste Tester – Keef Collection System
3. Beek – TeleKuntx (pool boy 92@s Rain Dance)
4. DJ Marfox – Lucky Punch
5. Trimbal – Confidence Boost (Supraman Remix)
6. Poor Sport – Thuta FliiP
7. Melé – The Boogaloo
8. Murlo – Hydra
9. DECiBEL – Bend
10. DK King Tiger-Z – Bend It
11. Based Prince – Watch me Pop It (Ball Em Up Edit)
12. DJ Sliink – Saucy (Cartel Remix)
13. Slick Shoota – Beat Dat Tool
14. Good Intent – ☯「陰陽シンボル」☯ (Lil Mystic Seaclub RMX)
15. Sully – Blue
16. Moresounds – Cannabis
17. Rattraps & Spenda C – Waiting On You
18. Slick Shoota – Glory Daze VIP
19. Henry Rodrick – Hey Baby
20. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Brighter Dayz
21. DJ Roc – Let’s Get It Started
22. Slick Shoota – Juxtapose (Addison Groove Remix)
23. Machinedrum – SeeSea
24. DJ Taye – Get Down feat. DJ Earl
25. Slick Shoota – Kik
26. Beek – Here, Little Kitty (HxdB Remix)
27. SPF666 x Mike G – Warworld
28. Cocky Balboa – Music Sounds Better With You (Juke Mix)
29. Marvy Da Pimp – Untitled Megamix
30. DJ Marfox – Banda 52
31. DJ Tone Capo – Friday Theme
32. Slick Shoota – Wam Bam Tool
33. Yung Lean – Princess Daisy
34. Liyah – Lil Homie