January 30th, 2014

Jubilee on the web

In case you missed it, Jubilee’s record ‘Pull Ova’ dropped this week on Mixpak. Here’s a quick round-up of all the support – thank you to everyone showing love! Come to the release party tomorrow to celebrate in person in NY, or head to Boston tonight or Miami on Saturday.

Spin: “a shuddering amalgam of classic Miami bass and Brooklyn attitude”

Complex: “a guaranteed head-knocker”

Hearty: “a trifecta of fast paced club music, pounding drums, lazers, and pretty much everything you need to pop and roll until you sweat”

Dummy: “It’s sick…proper lose-your-mind stuff – no chinstrokers allowed.”

Dazed: Top Ten Feel of the Month

Max Pearl at Thump: “One time I was visiting my grandparents in Boca Raton, Florida and I rented a little Hyundai or something so I could go drive around Miami. And there I was cruising down I-95 with a fifth of Malibu when I started seeing signs for Route 808. I figured this was a good omen, so I put on a Jubilee mixtape, rolled down the windows, and pulled off to see where this road might take me. I ended up at my friend’s house lighting fireworks off a corrugated tin roof in Little Haiti. Fuck, Miami’s crazy.”

Talking to Dig Boston about her influences:

“It’s not a secret that I make Miami bass sounding music. I like a lot of Latin sounding stuff, I like a lot of dancehall; all of those things definitely have to do with where I grew up. [In New York] I live in a really Dominican neighborhood, and New York also shares a few of the sounds from [Miami] because there’s a really big Latin population, and New York is really into freestyle music and stuff like that. So I feel like I’m like a hybrid of both.”

Talking to Opening Ceremony about life:

“Sometimes I play these old-school raves in New York that no one knows about. There are still a couple venues all the way out at JFK, but it varies. It’s a whole other world––they’re literally candy raves. And the Facebook invites are crazy. It’s like, “‘Hey I’m coming from Boston. Can I jump in the car with anybody?’ ‘Yeah you can jump in the car with me!'” These are the real OG ravers, you know? I’ve been given a giant candy bracelet before, which means I did a good job. I haven’t played one in a while.”

Talking to MTV Iggy about some of her favourite Miami sounds:

“I got really sucked into Miami Jook music on the internet a few years ago and found this song via Jube’s mixtape. It’s just so good. I would love to go to a party where all of this is played but it’s already so hard to find. Jook is like modern Miami music, less screaming about pussy and prettier sounds, I guess.”

Talking to Do Androids Dance on comics:

“DJ Ayres just gave me the most ridiculous stack of comic books that I am trying to make somewhat of a dent in. I haven’t kept up with X Men although I am pretty sure that Jubilee is a vampire now, which is fitting. Also she might be pregnant? Not fitting! Someone will leave a comment and correct me I am sure [Ed. Note: Jubilee didn’t get pregnant, but she did recently adopt a baby]. I read the entire series of Transmetropolitan straight through and I was so pissed that it ended. I haven’t been able to find anything better, and now I lurk Warren Ellis so hard. I will take any suggestions!”