May 23rd, 2013

Mixpak FM: Why Be


Mixpak FM 51 comes from Danish producer and DJ, Why Be. He joins the likes of Total Freedom, Kingdom and Lil Internet with one of the most un-googleable names ever, alongside his productions and remixes that toy with the outer edges of underground music.

His Mixpak FM brings together UK vibes, from Ruff Sqwad to Pulse X, through commercial US music thrown off key, and his own edits. Soundtrack to your Second Life rave.

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Mixpak FM 051: Why Be

Mixpak FM 051: Why Be Tracklist

Pølsemix – Lisbent / Teppop / Anamorf
Energy – Visionist
Lush (YB Cut) – Gremino
Lurkin – Waka Flocka
Biggaz PartyCrasher (Bubbling Mix) – Dj Bigga
Jemsheed (Nguzunguzu Remix) – Fatima Al Qadiri
Almaegtige Fader – Lisbent
Together – Ruff Squad
Raisin (FALSE WITNESS REMIX) – Jean Nipon
Thirsty (Slackk Remix) – Cassie
In The Park – Jam City
Tarrachincha Pesada (YB Edit) – Dj Mafia Boy
The Gutting (Alternate Version) – E+E
Não Tão Bonito – ToqueSanitário
Ethnic Music – Yuto
One In A Million (Aaliyah Tribute) – Dj Tiga
Frosty Time W.I.P. – Noaipre
Burn – Tonyphorse
White Hood (Why Be Ciara Take) – Morri$
Youngstar (Slackk Remix) – Pulse X
Bank Head Ft. Kelela – Kingdom
Fall Out The Frame Guzu Drummed – Total Freedom
Saari – Inkke
Golden – Breen
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (1080p) – Skrillex
Tomorrow Is Not Promised (E+E Beserk Blend) – Diamond Black Hearted Boy