June 5th, 2012

Mixpak FM: BD1982


Mixpak FM 035 comes from BD1982, Japan-based producer who co-runs the Diskotopia label and forms part of the Seclusiasis crew. Having first caught our attention with his 2011 release, ‘Shotta Pon Di Corner’, he has since been releasing records on Think 2wice, Diskotopia, Silverback Recordings and his latest EP, out today on B.YRSELF division. With influences that run as far and wide as dancehall to italo-horror soundtracks, his sound is constantly moving and changing.

His Mixpak FM features his own productions alongside big UK underground sounds – from Slackk to Samoyed.

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[audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mixpak/Mixpak_FM_-_BD1982.mp3]
Mixpak FM 035: BD1982

Mixpak FM 035: BD1982 Tracklist

1) BD1982 – ‘Iron Trees’ [B.YRSLF Division]
2) Samoyed – ‘Klondike Rush’ [Glum]
3) Marcus Mixx – ‘Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix) [Lets Pet Puppies Records & Tapes]
4) Myakkah – ‘Eyes Up’ [Diskotopia]
5) Deborah Washington & The Astros – ‘Shortest Lady’ [Chocolate Industries]
6) BD1982 – ‘BQE At 3AM’ [B.YRSLF Division]
7) Benzly Hype – ‘Amazon Riddim Version’ [Portmore Society]
8) BD1982 – ‘Casava’ [unreleased]
9) Metro Area – ‘Caught Up’ [Environ]
10) Greeen Linez – ‘Fantasy Glide’ [Diskotopia]
11) Kowton – ‘Untitled’ [Project Squared]
12) BD1982 – ‘Zero Hours (Qoso Remix)’ [B.YRSLF Division]
13) The Phantom – ‘Colossus (BD1982 Remix) [Silverback Recordings]
14) M.I.K vs. BD1982 – ‘Shadow Of Death’ [Slit Jockey]
15) A Taut Line – ‘In This Heat (Ph0t0machine Remix) [Diskotopia]
16) Visionist – ‘Survive’ [Diskotopia]
17) Greeen Linez – ‘Feel The Pressure (The Phantom Remix) [Diskotopia]
18) Slackk – ‘Mannerism’ [Diskotopia]
19) Danny Weed – ‘Salt Beef’ [Roll Deep Recordings]