January 20th, 2012

Mixpak FM: DJ Assault

Mixpak FM - DJ Assault

Mixpak FM 028 comes from the one and only DJ Assault, Detroit dirty rap linchpin and the father of Booty Bass. Most people will be familiar with Assault through his mid-90s booty hit, ‘Ass N Titties’, pioneering the sound of melding electro beats with raunchy lyrics. His first self-run label, Electrofunk, was so popular that it had to be split into a further two labels, after selling more records than any other techno artist in the motor city at the time. After releasing countless club hits (and performing as his rap alter-ego Craig Diamonds on the side), Assault established his latest label Jefferson Ave.

DJ Assault’s Mixpak FM mix is a ride through 28 of his own productions, all mixed together in the token ghettotech fast-paced style. Watch out for his signature out-there sampling, from Rick James to raccoons. This one comes with a parental guidance warning!

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[audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mixpak/Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_Assault.mp3]
Mixpak FM 028: DJ Assault

Mixpak FM 028: DJ Assault Tracklist

01. U N My Car
02. Phat Booty
03. Livin’ The (Good Life)
04. Let Me C U Pop
05. Take Dem Drawls Off
06. Don’t Blame Me
07. Yo Relatives
08. Take It In The Face
09. Club 303
10. Mo’ Gutt Than Butt (Dub)
11. Traxin’ 4 Beats
12. Play It Again
13. 66Th Book
14. If U Freaky (And U Know It)
15. Bangin’ The Beat
16. Rise Below It All
17. Play Wit My Drums
18. Bras-N-Panties
19. Put Yo Wiegh On It
20. Stop It, Quit It, Cut It Out
21. Acid Booty
22. Dreams Chaser (Dub)
23. Gay Guy
24. No Tattoo
25. Raccoon
26. I Don’t Care
27. I Think Of U
28. Trax Dat