March 14th, 2011

Introducing: Koyote

We’re excited to introduce one of our latest to signings to Mixpak: Koyote. Here’s a little what’s what of the man, before his first EP for us drops later on this month. Watch this space for exclusive material coming up very soon!

Koyote first started spinning in 1997, spurred on by his love for the legends of the Detroit techno and house scenes, from Jeff Mills to Joey Beltram. His worship for the genre quickly developed, moving through the ghetto-house of DJ Funk to the ghetto-tech of DJ Godfather, DJ Assault and Disco D, who were spinning and scratching at 150bpm, throwing in an insane genre-mash that even included the likes of Miami bass and obscure electro.

Inspired by this, Koyote made his first trip to Detroit and Chicago in 2003, where he met and became friends with DJ Nasty, DJ Godfather and DJ Nephets. Back in France he already had his own crew, Family Werks, along with Goon and others, throwing parties, booking the big names in the Detroit scene and getting radio gigs in Paris. Together, they helped bring the booty sound to mainland Europe.

Two years later, Goon and Koyote disbanded from Family Werks, released the infamous Diamond Grills mixtape and started a new residency in the Paris club, Le Triptyque. After going back to Detroit, the pair released their first track on Arcade Mode, ‘The Dough’, a miami-bass inspired tune:

Goon & Koyote – The Dough

Following a tour of France and the US (and bumping into Dre Skull), Goon & Koyote signed to Disque Primeur releasing their Wellness Is Wild EP in 2008, featuring the huge ‘Keep Dancin’ and ‘Pussy Out’.

Goon & Koyote – Pussy Out

Goon & Koyote – Keep Dancin

Then, after a slew of successful remixes for the likes of Little Jinder, Bobmo and an unofficial Sebastien Tellier number, and making a 16mm video for Dre Skull’s ‘Wellness Is Wild’ remix, the pair finally broke up, just like (in Koyote’s words) ‘an old couple’. After developing his own solo sound, 2011 now sees Koyote’s first EP, set to drop in late March.