February 14th, 2011

Japanese Grime

I always find it mad that there are people in different countries listening to Grime. It seems like such a small scene in London that I’m amazed when I hear MC’s from other countries spitting over it.

I first found out that there were people in Japan MCing over Grime when I was reading Grime Forum one day and someone posted a link to two MC’s called Dekishi & Ritzzz, who had vocalled Dizzee Rascal’s Grime classic Strings Hoe. I had no idea what they were talking about but it sounded so good I downloaded the mp3 and kept playing it.

20100131_2 dekishi, ritzzz by dekishi

I decided to send them a message on Soundcloud to see if they would be interested in vocalling one of the tunes from Spooky’sMurderer EP and this amazing song is what I got sent back. I have just put it up for download so help yourself to the mp3 (click on the arrow on the right of the player).

dekishi & ritzzz MC over Spooky – Iron Gates Remix (Japan) by Quadrant EP mp3s out now!

Really into this vocal by Dekishi over Spooky’s Cream Crackers instrumental as well.

Dekishi – Kataban (Model Number) by dekishi

and finally have a listen to Dekishi, Ritzzz and another MC called Beyond on this 16 minute set.

PROJECT ADAMANTIUM 20100703 dekishi, beyond, ritzzz by dekishi